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Why Black Folks Can't Afford To Waste Their Votes.

Black folks have too much to lose in the 2020 election. Donald Trump is so dangerous to the world that he has given rise and liscense to a number of hate group across the country. They are emboldened to think they can say or do anything they want to Blacks and other minirities.

This is very dangerous.

Trump once shouted out at a rally to African Americans, "What do you have to lose?" We have our freedom to lose. 

If left up to him he will cage us all..

The hateful rhetoric that comes out of his mouth is not just talk. He believes he is an emperor or king and nothing or none can stop him. This is the rantings and behavior of a mad man. History is repeating itself. The only thing is that it is in America and not in Germany.

Trump wants fame and rfortunes. He does not care how he gets it. He will sell out this country and anyone who gets in his way. His family members consists of mostly leaches and morons who will gladly sit there and reap all of the benefits of his dangerous actions.

Updates on the Political Scene


Joe Biden takes the lead in the race for the White House

March 17, 2020.  Joe Biden has taken the lead in the race for the White House. Through the Corona Virus pandemic, Joe Biden has managed to win the last few couple of contests in the Democratic Primary. Bernie Sanders remains in the race and Tulsa Gabbard has continued to be a blip on the political scene.

Joe Biden has begun to reach out to Bernie Sanders supporters for their support. It is time for Bernie to acquiesce to the fact that the numbers are not there for him to win the Democratic nomination. But Joe Biden also needs to know that if he win the Democratic nomination and beats Donald J. Trump in the general election in November 2020, that we do not want a lot of the Obama and Clinton appointees in the federal government.  That was part of the problem and the reason why we ended up with Donald J. Trump.  Biden also needs to be smart about the choices he makes in the selection of his running mate and cabinet members. The American public is fed up with all of the corruption and the cliques in the Federal government.

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Joe Biden 's 2020 Presidential Commercial

Donald Trump is a Joke Around the World

Kamla Harris Drops Out of Presidential Race

Additional Information

December 3, 2019 The announcement is perhaps the most sudden development to date in a Democratic presidential campaign where Ms. Harris began in the 2020 Presidential race.

Senator Kamla Harris

Senator Kamla Harris

Why it is Time for Kamla Harris to Drop Out


Senator Harris:

Why it is time for you  to drop out of the 2020 race for the White House Is a message that comes from the heart.

One of our community's brightest, Ms. Hartis it is time to end your campaign . We don't  know what is going on in your campaign, but this race is over for you.  Do not diminish your stature by staying in this race. If you want to remain in the Senate, then do that. But, do not further diminish your standing in the African American community and the country. You are young enough that you will get another shot at the White House. 

We have to defeat Trump. If it is your strategy to become Vice President, then we hope you are negotiating with one the front runners to get on the ticket.

Your funds are going to dry up soon  and let's face it, a white man will be the front runner.

Given the ages of the white men in this race, one can only surmise he will only several one term.

Save your reputation and get back to work in the Senate where you are needed  Mitch McConmke is not going to run the Senate forever. 

Make a name for yourself in the Senate. Make us proud.

For now, it is time for you to gracefully bow out of this race.


Senator Kamla Harris

Senator Kamla Harris

Senator Corey Booker

Senator Booker, Your Time is Up Too!

The Senate Needs You Now

Senator Booker:

This letter comes to kindly ask you to return to the Senate also. It is time for you to drop out of this race for the White Hiuse. You too are young and have plenty of time to run for the White Hiyse. Don't  tie up much needed funds from the Democratic candidate who can best beat Donald Trump.


However, you are best needed in the Senate. Your outstanding work on criminal justice issues is much appreciated.  Africans Americans need representation in the Senate. As we told Ms. Harrus, Mitch McConnell is not always going to be in charge. Make you mark in the Senate. Do great things.

You will have another shot at the White House as well.

You have made us proud. But, we need you to return to the Senate. We know all roads to the White House run straight through the African American community. Help us to recruit and seat more African Americans in the Senate. Help us get control of the Senate and the White House.

We thank you for your outstanding work and you are a force to be reckoned with. However, you are needed elsewhere.

Stay positive and prayed uo as well. You will get to the White House. 


Learn More

We sincerely thank you for your service and voice on the campaign 

More Democratic Candidates Enter the 2020 Race

Michael Bloomberrg Enters the 2020 Race fir the White House

Former Massachusetts Governor Announces Bid for the White House

Former Massachusetts Governor Announces Bid for the White House

Michael Bloomberg

November 16, 2019. Billionaire and former NY Mayo enters the 2920 race for the White Horse to much chagribe of the front runners.

Bloomberg obviously sees a path to victor as he enters late in the season in his bid for the White House. Bloomberg believes that Biden is a weak candidate and will not be able to cross the finish line in a head to head with Donald Trump..

Former Massachusetts Governor Announces Bid for the White House

Former Massachusetts Governor Announces Bid for the White House

Former Massachusetts Governor Announces Bid for the White House

Patrick Deval

November  16, 2019. Patrick Devak chabes his mind and enters the race for the White Hoyse. Already a crowded field if democratic candidates, Patrick will have to overcome many obstacles in his bid to defeat Donald Trump. Credentials notwithstanding , Patrick  jump into this race signal that the elites if the Democratic party are not really feeling Jie Biden.

Undercutting Biden at this late stage in the game signals that Patrick senses the two other African American  candidates Corey Booker and Jamla Harris faltering. 

Harris has already had to cut staff in order to stay in the race and Booker recently announced that a outside PAC is seeking to help in stay in the race..

African Anericabs have to smart with our votes. It is no lingervthe case that we just want to see an African American in the White House. Bern there and dine that with Barack Obana  Harris, Booket and Patrick all have the credentials to match anyone if the White candidates running this election cycle. However,  this election is too important to take a chace on novices. Dinald Trump is a menace to society and our democracy is at stake.

It is already past time for the likes of Buttigeg Bernie Sanders and Elizaveth Warren to bow out of the race. The more time the Demicrats waste in feeding their egos, the less time we have to back a candidate that can solidly beat Donald J. Trump.

He has to go and the 2020 election is less than a year away and Denicrats are still messing around.


Register and Vote in the 2020 Elections


Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Please register and vote in this upcoming election.  Your vote is too important to waste.


Generate Excitement in Your Hometown

Start your own voting registration and GOTV project.


The White House

It is time for the country to regain its statue. Vote your conscious move this country forward!

African American Female Candidates in 2020 to Watch!

Candidate Profiles

Democratic Natonal Committe Debates

Democratic Natonal Committe Debates


Meet the African American Women Candidates to watch in 2020!

U.S. Senator Kamla Harris (D)

Kamala has been a key voice in the fight to hold the Trump administration accountable, asking the tough questions on behalf of the American people. She serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Select Committee On Intelligence, and the Committee On Budget. 

Kamala served two terms as District Attorney of San Francisco. Defeating a two-term incumbent, she was first elected in 2003, and was overwhelmingly re-elected to a second term in November 2007. 

Born in Oakland, Kamala Harris is a graduate of Howard University. She earned her law degree from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law. 

She is married to Doug Emhoff and a stepmother to Ella and Cole Emhoff, and is the author of The Truths We Hold: An American Journey and Smart on Crime: A Career Prosecutor’s Plan to Make Us Safer.

Democratic Natonal Committe Debates

Democratic Natonal Committe Debates

Democratic Natonal Committe Debates


Watch debates and/or community activities of some of the most prominent African American women candidates across the country:

June 26 - 27, 2019 DNC Debates in Miami, Florida

  1. Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado
  2. Former Vice President Joe Biden
  3. Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey
  4. South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg
  5. Former Housing Secretary Julián Castro
  6. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio
  7. Former Rep. John Delaney of Maryland
  8. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii
  9. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York
  10. Sen. Kamala Harris of California
  11. Former Gov. John Hickenlooper of Colorado
  12. Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington
  13. Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota
  14. Former Rep. Beto O'Rourke of Texas
  15. Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio
  16. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont
  17. Rep. Eric Swalwell of California
  18. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts
  19. Author Marianne Williamson
  20. Entrepreneur Andrew Yang

Members in Congress 116th Congress

Democratic Natonal Committe Debates

Rallies and Community Events of Prominent African American Women


Rallies and Community Events of Prominent African American Women

Rallies and Community Events of Prominent African American Women

Rallies and Community Events of Prominent African American Women


Bernie Sanders Campaign Ralliie

Why Blacks Support Bernie and Elizabeth

Rallies and Community Events of Prominent African American Women

Why Blacks Support Bernie and Elizabeth


Why African Americans are supporting Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

African American Women Candidates

Rallies and Community Events of Prominent African American Women

Why Blacks Support Bernie and Elizabeth


Where can I learn about other African American Women candidates?

U.S. Elections on November 3, 2020

2020 Presidential Candidates

2020 Presidential Candidates

2020 Presidential Candidates


Democrats                                                                                                       Michael Bennet (D)


Presidential Debates

2020 Presidential Candidates

2020 Presidential Candidates



Updated Thursday, October 24, 2019 


IN DEMOCRAT'S FAVOR Wednesday, October 16
Indiana CD-5: Mod GOP Hold  to  Weak GOP Hold
Missouri CD-2: Mod GOP Hold  to  Weak GOP Hold
New York CD-24: Mod GOP Hold  to  Weak GOP Hold
North Carolina CD-2: Mod GOP Hold  to  Weak GOP Hold
Texas CD-10: Mod GOP Hold  to  Weak GOP Hold
Texas CD-21: Mod GOP Hold  to  Weak GOP Hold
Texas CD-22: Weak GOP Hold  to  Weak DEM Gain
Texas CD-24: Weak GOP Hold  to  Weak DEM Gain

IN REPUBLICAN'S FAVOR Tuesday, October 1
New York CD-27: Weak GOP Hold  to  Mod GOP Hold
Wednesday, September 18
California CD-48: Mod DEM Hold  to  Weak DEM Hold
New Hampshire CD-1: Mod DEM Hold  to  Weak DEM Hold
New Jersey CD-7: Mod DEM Hold  to  Weak DEM Hold
Texas CD-22: Weak DEM Gain  to  Weak GOP Hold
Texas CD-24: Weak DEM Gain  to  Weak GOP Hold


2020 Presidential Candidates

Our Worst Nightmare


Candidates' Platform

As the 2020 presidential election approaches, more than a dozen candidates are already running for president and many candidates have already shared their platforms. 

Fourteen Democratic candidates have already qualified, while Republican President Donald Trump is expected to run for reelection. Republican Bill Weld has created a presidential exploratory committee. The Crimson took at look at some of these individual platforms.

Donald Trump

Political Party: Republican  

According to his website, Trump’s 2020 platform mirrors his first presidential term with the economy, jobs and immigration reform remaining his biggest priorities.  


Throughout Trump’s presidency, he has advocated for stricter immigration laws and has requested that Congress fund a Southern border wall according to his campaign website. Trump’s website also states that under his administration, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE, has arrested 110,568 illegal immigrants. He also ended the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals or DACA.      

The Economy and Jobs

The Trump administration passed The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which decreased the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent, increased tax deduction rates and reduced the amount of taxes Americans owe overall according to Trump’s campaign website. Trump’s website also states that he expanded business apprenticeship programs, which would serve as an alternative way for Americans to advance their careers instead of attending college, according to Trump’s campaign website.

Other issues in Trump’s platform include: foreign policy, slashing regulation, national security and defense as well as land and agriculture. Political Party: Democratic

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren would focus on reforming America’s institutions, assisting the middle class and protecting the U.S.’s electoral process and systems according to her website.

Reforming Institutions

Warren would tackle problems she sees facing America’s justice and legislative systems. First, she would create a fairer criminal justice system and prevent discrimination based on race or wealth. She would fight corruption in Congress by enacting policies that would minimize money’s influence and require all lobbyists to register with the federal government ,according to her campaign website.

Protecting the U.S. electoral process

Warren has pledged to prevent foreign countries from interfering with U.S. elections and the electoral process. Domestically, she would outlaw gerrymandering and voter suppression laws, according to her campaign website.

Assisting the Middle Class

Lastly, Warren’s website states she would give Americans more workplace rights such as strengthening unions and passing a law that would allow workers to elect at least 40 percent of a company’s board. On a larger scale, Warren would prevent monopolies and create a ultra-millionaire tax that would tax America’s 75,000 wealthiest families.

Jay Inslee 

Political Party: Democratic

Climate Change

Washington governor Jay Inslee has centered much of his platform around halting and addressing climate change. His campaign website states that he views climate change as one of the biggest threats facing the U.S. and claims that climate change has created deadly and costly natural disasters. He supports the Green New Deal and the Paris Climate Agreement.

Inslee would tackle climate change with a four-step process.  He would shift the U.S. entirely toward renewable energy and away from fossil fuels, which would reduce pollution. According to Inslee, this transition would create a clean energy economic sector and millions of jobs. Finally, Inslee’s would address pollution in local communities and help ensure all Americans have clean water and air.

John Delany 

Political Party: Democratic

John Delany has outlined 10 issues in his platform, ranging from climate change to universal healthcare.

Climate Change

According to Delany’s campaign website, he believes climate change is national security threat but also a global concern that threatens the entire planet’s ecosystem. As president, Delany would curtail climate change by imposing a federal carbon tax, rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement and transitioning the U.S. toward renewable energy.

Economic Opportunity

According to Delany, automation and globalization have stripped jobs from many communities and made it harder to achieve the American Dream. Consequently, he would encourage businesses to expand into these communities through tax incentives. On a large scale, Delany would create new jobs to repair and modernize America’s infrastructure such as repairing roads and expanding internet access.


Delany wants to modernize the U.S.’s public education system by creating a K through 14 system, which would add two new grade levels. This system would incorporate community colleges and technical schools into public education.

Elizabeth Warren 

Our Worst Nightmare

Our Worst Nightmare

Our Worst Nightmare


Impeachment Hearing ,maybe by Thanksgivings.

Impeachment Woes

Our Worst Nightmare

Impeachment Woes


Impeachment numbers up to 55% of the country!


Our Worst Nightmare

Impeachment Woes


Does America Need this?

Election News


House committee takes up Democrats’ higher education plan

A House committee today is set to take up Democrats’ $400 billion higher education plan. Expect dozens of amendments.

Democrats are upping the ante on Pell Grants: They're proposing to further increase the program as part of a package of revisions to the original bill. The committee will take up those revisions in an amendment in the nature of a substitute by Rep. Susan Davis (D-Calif.). Other changes include expanding subsidized federal student loans to graduate and professional students at public and nonprofit colleges and replacing a six-year statute of limitations on collecting defaulted federal student loans with a new cap on the collection fees borrowers may be charged.

— The revised proposal calls for boosting the maximum Pell Grant amount by $625 instead of the $500 increase in the original bill. That would be the largest single-year increase in the history of the program, according to a Democratic committee aide. The increase would push up the maximum award to $6,820 for fiscal 2021, and subsequent automatic increases tied to inflation would lead to an estimated $8,250 maximum in fiscal 2029.

How are African American affected by the Trump Administration's lack of heart toward the poor?

How are African American affected by the Trump Administration's lack of heart toward the poor?

How are African American affected by the Trump Administration's lack of heart toward the poor?

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Supreme Court Once Again Considers Partisan Gerrymandering: Implications and Legislative Option _ CRS,

Supreme Court Once Again Considers Partisan Gerrymandering Implications and Legislative Option (pdf)